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Five Ways To Lower Cholesterol - 
And A Case History


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These 5 ways are the most common many health experts would recommend and we find the same on some sites by medical doctors. However, the most effective method and an actual case history presented later is the only method that can lower cholesterol without medication.

For people battling high cholesterol, choosing meals wisely can be a challenge, but it is essential. Restaurants, parties, even an office potluck may present unhealthy temptations. But simple dietary modifications can help you eliminate those unhealthy choices, while still allowing you to enjoy your meals.

Try these healthful ways to help lower your cholesterol:

1. Reduce saturated fat. The richest sources of saturated fat (fat that is usually solid at room temperature) in the diet are red meat and dairy foods. Substitute soy protein for animal protein, and use low- or non-fat dairy products.

2. Avoid trans-fat. Stay away from items that list "partially hydrogenated oil" on the label, especially snack foods. Try baked or air-popped versions instead.

3. Use fresh garlic regularly in your meals. Garlic has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels.

4. Drink green tea daily. The antioxidants in green tea help lower cholesterol and prevent the cholesterol in your blood from oxidizing.

5. Eat plenty of soluble fiber. It has a powerful cholesterol-lowering effect. The best sources are beans and lentils, apples, citrus fruits, oats, barley, peas, carrots and freshly ground flaxseed.

How Did He Do It!

Mr. Omkar M wrote: I am 65 years old, vegetarian since past about 15 years and have no major ailments. In Nov 2002 the routine laboratory tests revealed that I have high Cholesterol levels. I was advised to take regular exercise and avoid cholesterol rich diet. After four months I was again tested for lipid profile. There was no significant improvement in cholesterol levels. Hence, the doctor prescribed cholesterol reducing medication which I took till the end of the year 2005. During this period I was in India and got interested in this amazing technique [that you can download FREE now for a limited-time] that I followed regularly for about three to four months, the blockage of Arteries is removed 30 to 40 percent and the arteries become clean, making the circulation unimpeded thus preventing heart attack. I started to note improvement and discontinued taking medicines. After about 3 months, my cholesterol levels became low. I weighed less too but weight was never a concern for me. Now, my cholesterol levels are normal and I do not take any medicine for lowering the cholesterol.

The details of Cholesterol levels during the above period were as under.

Period Triglycerides HDL LDL

Nov 2002 216 37 156

May 2003 212 34 152

Sep 2006 100 44 137

You can Download FREE the technique with pictures for a limited-time :

About the Author: Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon has an obsession that nature has created us healthy and we are all connected with each other, it's us who have created unhealthy living and divisions into race, religion etc. He has advanced degree in life sciences and molecular biology from the west and a fascination with yoga, breathing, religion and spirituality from the east crafted out of studies at Yale University, U.S.A. and Punjab University, India. Therefore, he is uniquely qualified to present Eastern and Western synthesis of health issues. He has published over 10 books and 40 research papers, and has expressed his views in the news media and workshops.

                                "The language of the head is words.

                                The language of the heart is love.

                                The language of the soul is silence."  


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